Distributing desktop software, especially outside major app stores, is hard. Keeping our apps up-to-date across all platforms and distribution channels not only is time-consuming but also distracts us from other priorities. In fact, it took us a long time to get everything right. That’s why we always try to automate the distributing process as much as we can. Thanks to many great tools, including the built-in Electron’s autoUpdater, the amazing electron-builder library and GitHub Releases, we manage to avoid handling many crucial things on our own and quickly release new updates. Additionally, our build system is mostly automated using hosted continuous integration services (CI), specifically GitHub Actions. CI allows us to build production-ready applications quickly and reliably on all three major desktop platforms, macOS, Windows and Linux.

In this post, I’ll share how Atomery automates the process of updating webcatalog Cask formula. Homebrew Cask lets users quickly download and install GUI macOS applications such as Atom and Google Chrome through CLI. For example, to install WebCatalog, with Homebrew Cask installed, you can simply run brew cask install webcatalog in your macOS Terminal.

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